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Nightclub Design UK

GMP Design Associates are honoured to be known as the award winning  professionals in nightclub design UK. With 23 years of expertise and  knowledge, we have designed many specialist nightclubs. Offering a great  value for money we strive to make your dreams a reality. We also design  restaurants, hotels, student experiences and have designed in the  coporate industry.

Nightclub design comes naturally to our team. Our mission is to  create an immersive atmosphere that ensures customers keep returning to  sample the pleasures of your club. Some of our clients include the Ministry Of Sound. We did nightclub design for their clubs in London, Singapore and even Las Vegas. We also designed the prestigious Club 195. Feel free to check out any of the nightclubs on our Clubs around the World page.


GMP Design is always sourcing the most recent materials  available, ensuring that the furniture is of the utmost quality and the  fixtures and fitting of equipment is innovative. By doing this we  guarantee that your clubbers will have thrill and be in awe every time  they return. To create our unique nightclub designs we draw on our many  years of experience and create authentic experiences that we know all  clubbers of all ages will enjoy and love.

Here is a testimonial by Club 195 Epping: GMP’s knowledge of the UK  club market & vision for the future was a revelation. We appointed  GMP on the spot and commissioned them to create the new direction for  our venue. The scheme they came up with was Brilliant and blew us away.  Their Managing Director suggested that we join the newly formed BIOBC  (British Independent Operators Buying Consortium) as they could  potentially raise us brand funding – they raised us nearly 20k. We are  so pleased with GMP that we have recommended them to a number of other  operators.


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